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I eat, I travel, I have fun and therefore I am. When I am able to get work out of my way, I travel far and near. 
I had tons of time to kill before 2004, so the trip logs were better organized. Then, I got really busy. Lots of trip logs were either left unfinished or even not posted. Incompleteness is the form life presents itself in. So, enjoy the incompleteness.
ScandinaviaScandinavia  Aug 2006 Going where fewer humans compete for oxygen.
AnhuiAnhui May  2005 Glorious old days leaving amazing old villages and old houses. 
SichuanSichuan Oct 2003 Back to see the Autumn colors of Sichuan. Songpan, Siguniang Mountain, Jiuzhaigou, and Chongqing. 
UAEUAE Feb 2003 Peeking behind the veil of the Middle East.
GuizhouGuiZhou  Sep, 2002 The part of China where survival condition is not good. Visiting schools, staying a village, seeing great scenery ...

Kam's eye on HK:
Victoria Harbor night scene
yummy lunch at Yuen Long

60 Signs You have Lived in HK for Too Long Oct, 01
Lychee Trip July, 2001
Kam's Trip Log
Catch the lychee season at the home of this delicious fruit.
Chinese New Year Feb, 2001 What Kam does in Hong Kong during Lunar New Year.
Inner Mongolia  Jul 2007
Canada Jun 2006
Taiwan Oct 2005
QinghaiQinghai Sep 2005 Getting in touch with serious Tibetan culture, making Kam go back for more in 2008.
Canada May 2004
JiuZhaiGou Trip IIJiuZhaiGou Oct 2002 Trip 2 to the fairyland
HuangShan Nov,2001 (unfinished)
HangZhou, HuangShan, YiXing ... didn't finish it, and then forget all the details after some year, .. .. as is.
Singapore & Malaysia Jun, 2002:
A quick dive trip
Internet cultural exchange with Sweden
Xi'an Sept, 2001
Kam's Trip Log
A heavenly trip of history, scenery and culture in Xi'an, ChengDu, JiuZhaiGou.
USA June, 2000
   Coming to San Francisco, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, etc.


Newest Trip Logs
Hokkaido  May 2009 HokkaidoJapan's relaxing northern  heaven.
The Great WallGreat Wall May 2009 
Trekking mankind's biggest construction.
Tibet Tibet May 2008 
Eyes see heaven, body endures hell, heart practises life.
Cool Links
China map by city, by province
Kam's hobby turned pet project, and vise versa

Chinese Tea

YiXing Teapots

Drinking Chinese tea
Kam's English is funny. Want to see something funnier?
LittleBoat5 My secondary schoolmate Michael and wife Cynthia's travel logs. It's a site with cool design (Mike is a designer). Only problem is to you folks is that site is written in Chinese. You can either learn Chinese or check out just the PICs.
Robert Osborne's China travel log.
  My English-speaking friends said my logs are funny. I found out they meant my English, not the content of the logs. Keep this site away from kids.
I registered KamLeung.com because ... it was on $12.99 special (cheap back in 2000). Then I realize someone out there may want to take a peek at Hong Kong and mainland China. If you got a long night to kill, you are at the right web site.

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