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Jan 27-30/Jan 4-7

The New Year Coma ...

Exhausted me spend the last few days of the New Year holiday within 10 ft. radius of the bed. Light breeze blows over my sore legs and I scream in pain.

After all, it's good to have a peaceful New Year holiday. I am aware that, after I grow into the 30's, I tend to spend my time in the extremes - either get exhausted in rigorous activities or get lazy at home. Anything in between becomes low priority.




Sleep ......







Ok, here are a few notes on Chinese New Year:

  • Jan 4 - 6 (lunar) are ... 3 days in the New Year period. Nothing special about them.
  • Jan 7 - the "Birthday of Human". It's a day for everyone. The first occasion after Jan 1 that mum would tell me to "come home for dinner".
  • Jan 8 - most companies start work.
  • Jan 15 - Yuan Xiao, "Night of New Year Month" (not sure of the translation). Supposed to be a day for lovers, like Valentine's Day. Going to lantern is standard activity. The New Year celebration comes to an end on this day. No more Lei Si for kid.


That is all for Kam's Chinese New Year activity for the Year of the Snake 2001. In the New Year, let me wish you good luck with two 4-word Chinese phrases that are well translated into English:
  1. Step step high rise (getting promotion every step of the way)
  2. Year year got fish (profit/surplus every year)



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