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Jan 25/Jan 2 

Just another day ...


The second day into New Year is not very colorful. A few bookmarks of the day:

  • Dim Sum in the morning.

Dim Sum for 12. We are not on diet. It's what's left when everyone is rubbing their stomach. 

You can tell grandma is happy. It's not because of the Dim Sum, it's because she gets to see all the grand kids.
  • "Start the Year" lunch. Meat is allowed today. Yummy.
  • I am supposed to greet a few friends but they all hold up the "family activity" sign. So I say hello to my computer and FunAlliance.com in the afternoon.
  • Hong Kong has her biggest firework show every year on the second day of New Year. The government manages to find sponsors, year after year, to pay $1M+ to entertain Hong Kong. Over half a million people catch the show at both sides of Victoria harbor. I catch it on TV.
  • I can't remember the last time I go to a movie with my parents and my sister. Today, it happens again. We go see "Cast Away". Good movie. It would be nice if the "Wilson" were a "Nintendo" - solar powered.
  • Create a few more web pages and I call it a day. Why? Hiking tomorrow.


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