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Kam's 2001 Year of the Snake New Year Activity Log
Dragon goes, Snake comes

Kam Leung

Friends and folks:

  • Kam did  this in a hurry. If you find typos and mistakes ... keep your kids away from the computer!
  • PICs are extracted from a camcorder at stone-age quality. It is as it is. You don't have to adjust your monitor.
  • The Chinese New Year activity mentioned below could be specific to Hong Kong, or to be more accurate, to Kam only. Other places may have their fun way of welcoming Chinese New Year


Time Line
Solar Calendar Jan 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Lunar Calendar Dec 28 29 Jan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Day o Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue
*** this matching only applies for 2001. It's different every year.


   *** lucky equivalents of things (in Chinese culture) are put in square brackets. 
e.g. Peony [wealthiness]


 Jan 22/Dec 28

The beginning of a lazy holiday ...

My New Year holidays starts today. It shouldn't have but I think I need to be lazy.

A baby, yes, a baby. But it's not mine. I am glad that my primary school buddy, Ivan, had a baby 4 days ago. I remember researching with Ivan on how babies are made when we were 7. Stupid Ivan then took 20+ years to complete the experiment. What a wiz kid.

4 day old Ivan junior  is making eyes at fellow new born girls already.


Things start to heat up in the afternoon. Buses queue up on the road and people line up in front of ATM machines. After running a few errands, I smell insufficient oxygen in the air. Better go home early for the year-end dinner.

As I said, not attending year-end family gathering dinner is almost a sin. Bigger family gathering dinner is at grandma's. There is no shark fin soup this year but eating all the home made dishes together with the whole family makes me feel warm. Hey, save the chicken end for dad! 
Soya sauce chicken

Steam fish [surplus]

Ube & pork

Choi [fortune] Sum

A few paintings on grandpa's walls. All originals from masters of masters. Please don't confuse these with my eBay offers.



Plum Blossom


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