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Other than cookies, there is Copenhagen in Denmark. Too bad I don't feel connected to the city.
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It spells Copenhagen in English, Kopenhamn in Swidish, Kopenhavn in Danish. We had a hard time getting it right on the GPS.
Toll gate for the bridge to Denmark at Malmo.
Give ... and take ...
Crossing 10km long bridge to Denmark
First encounter with Copenhagen
Another city with lots of antique buildings. Perhaps more than in Stockholm. But not as well maintained in general.
Typical Danish house. I think the "thing" on the outside wall is some sort of exoskeleton to the house.
Coffee scene 1
Coffee scene 2
Coffee scene 3
What are the 2 holes on the ground?
Toilets for James Bond. Civilians don't notice these toilets.
The official bakery sign.
Turkish buffet. DKK 60. The boss doesn't smile until we order beer for DKK 70 each.
I have been here. Note: it's all factories on the other side of the river. Better come here at nite.
Bikes for tourist. Got a map at the front. Put 2 x DEK 10 into the bike and you can take it for a spin. Retrun to any station you like.
The sunny PIC I longed for. 10 sec. later, clouds come in. 20 mins later, it starts raining. Weather is unpredictable here. I have experience the rain-sunny cycle for at least 5 times up till 2pm. Can't be more discouraging for a PIC taker.

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