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The beautiful capital of Sweden
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At 6pm, we arrive at the ferry terminal in Stockholm in the hope of catching a ride to Helsinki. But unfortunately, today's ferry left and everything is booked in the coming 2 days. We later decide to give up Finland altogether.
Railway station
Have my eyes on beautiful Stockholm for the first time. Enchanted.
Panoramic view of Stockholm. MUST SEE.
Having a good time at a pub.
All accommodation is almost fully booked. Stay on a boat tonite.
Hello Stockholm.
Where we stayed.
Move to a hotel on day 2. About SEK 1,300. Handleable. Nice view.
Here in Stockholm, almost all toilets have a SEK 5 entrance fee. If you are out of cash, you will be ammonia poisoned.
The royal palace. No PIC inside though. Bummer.
Then we drop into a church next to the palace. It's "the oldest Cathedral in Gamla Stan".
From observation, this is not a regular tourist. She is working on the street.
Bike is a popular mode of transportation in N Europe. Very healthy.
Boat ride

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