3/4 Scandinavia / Sweden 0817 / Falun

Capital city of Dalana province. Not related to FaLunGong. We are here to see the famous Dalahast - Dala horse. Again, nothing to do with Dala Lama.

After heaven, we slept in the car for the first time. In Swidish territory.
In the tourist information center, we see the symbol of Sweden - the Dala horse.
Lax lunch set. SEK 70.
Notice the snowflake size sea salt on the lax? I don't know why but so far in Sweden and Norway, I always find their food salty. This is an extreme case that the lax tastes like salt than fish. But I can't find any strange look on the faces of the rest of the customers. Oh well.
The lax lunch menu.
We follow our GPS to the villiage which is the production base of Dalahast. They make roosters as well. How about Lama?
Searched and ...
A teacher from the US having fun during his summer vacation.

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