3/4 Scandinavia / Norway 0811

Tall fjords and low speed limits. Only 4.5 million humans in this country.

Swedish bread for breakfast. Will be on our way after this breakfast.
Standard shift. My love. WV Passet 2.0 wagon. 140 horse power. This car turns out to be quite powerful.
All our asset in Sweden.
Trip members and supporting cast say cheese together. Then we are on our way.
The small capital that holds about half a million souls.
Accidental encounter with a lovely little town.
A big city - by Norwegian standard
A famous stone
Hjelmeland, the equivalent of Heaven
It's an accidental trip to heaven. The stay in Hjelmeland is probably the most pleasant experience of this trip...
Oslo again
We are eager to get out of Norway because of it's slow mo highway. It will take forever to visit even another place. We pay a quick visit to Oslo on our way back to Sweden.

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