3/4 Scandinavia / Norway 0811 / Hjelmeland, the equivalent of Heaven

It's an accidental trip to heaven. The stay in Hjelmeland is probably the most pleasant experience of this trip...
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So we go up north to see the fjords. Hjelmeland was never on our plan but as it gets close to 8pm, we have to make a stop.
Then we see this nice place ...
After a relaxing dinner, we tried a couple of accommodations. One is an expensive hotel that quotes NOK 2,890/room/nite. Another is a motel that quotes about NOK 1,200.
The hotel's room oversees the ferry pier. Super nice. It's a slow day for them. The receiption lady is business-wise and she helps us to bargain with her boss.
After 3 rounds of bargaining, we ended up getting 1 big and 1 small room x 2 nites for NOK 1,500/nite. By Norwegian cost standard, and in such a new hotel, it's a double steal.
So we start our lazy and heavenly stay here.
Ferry starts running around 5:30 in the morning.
That is the idea of a dream office for Kam. And dream has come true for 2 days.
See, work is effortless.
Lax for breakfast. Is that too much? Hey, I am not complaining.
The restaurant.
Someone in the family comments "there is nothing that I can think of to add to this breakfast". It's just right.
Wireless internet and work is fun.
We rent a couple of boats. Me to see the fjords, they to fish.
It's the first time for me to operate an outboard boat but it's not too hard.
Stay and fish folks. I will continue into the fjords.
In to the fjords.
That is what I studies in geography class back in secondary school. Fjords in Norway.
Bye fjord.
How is fishing?
"Too many fish, we have to catch and release".
Easy catch here in Norway, imposibility in HK.
Dinner plan is made.
Floating on waters amongst Norwegian fjords. This is life.
Fisherman for the day coming home.
We hand the fish to the hotel and ask them to turn the fish into dinner. They said no customer has made such request before. We find out later we got 6 pollocks and 1 big 3+kg cod.
The hotel lobby
In heaven, with beer, people go nuts.
Einstein didn't live to prove this equation: beer + snack + warm sun + nice view = HEAVEN
Someone working, someone fishing.
Our heaven hotel.
The transparant kitchen. We come here to eat our catch.
Softspoken waiter. Acts swiftly but with accuracy. Always has a solution to your questions. This is service.
Italian ham salad. NOK 100
Appetizer. Pollock. Soft and yummy, with soya souce and green union on the side! Some oriental culture in there. And everything on the plate dances in the mouth in harmony.
Pouring the wine to go with our main course. My sister, Carol, is in shock seeing the year on this main course wine - 1994!
Then we start to wonder - how much this bottle would cost us? In such a high price country.
What the hack. Let's eat the hell out first. We got our credit cards anyway.
Cod, the first time we catch our own main dish. Juicy and tasty. Never know western cook can make such great fish.
Mum can't eat that much. Give it to me, I don't mind, at all. Oh, did I mention how much they charge for turning our fish into appertizer and main course? ZERO, ZIPPO! Waiter says "it's your fish and it only takes our cook 5 mins to cook your fish". Oh well.
Dessert. NOK 100. When the bill comes, we learn that the wine package costs NOK 395 per head. A 4-course dinner at the restaurant would have cost NOK 495. Honestly, discounting the effect of the joy from our own fish, you don't get half the service and good experience for double the price fine dining in HK.
Dawn again, and sad that we have to leave heaven today.
Big chair at pier - Carol worked out and the chair is now too big for her. LOL.
Collecting ferry money.

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