3/4 Scandinavia / Norway 0811 / Oslo

The small capital that holds about half a million souls.

About 300km from Gothenburg to Oslo.
The bridge at boder of Norway and Sweden. No grand exit, no grand entry, not even officials in the view. I am getting use to this in the EU.
1st stop in Norway. At a gas station, dad is invited to a foodball challenged - and it proves to be a challenge to dad. ZERO score. Let's not tell them we are from HK.
Heard that sex is really casual in N Europe. Here is a demonstration in the gas station's toilet bowl.
Ultra violet toilet of the gas station. Norway must be wild.
Waiting for bus at bus terminal of Oslo.
Say hello to Oslo.
Centrum of Oslo.
Hey hey hey, I am traveling!
No offense, seagulls are rats on wing.
Hope you are not waiting for me. I am not available.
Traveler on bike.
In Oslo, food is expensive, and hard to swallow. This steak at a "cheap" chain store costs some NOK 279 but is tough like my genuine leather shoe. Baked potato doesn't come with sour cream (maybe not the European way). They finally give me just a spoonful after I begged. Give up.
In a convenient store.
Leaving Oslo for cheaper accommodation. Bye for now.
Got a deal at a hotel in a small town. Breakfast is nice.
Magazine rack in a super market.
Price in Norway is the craziest of all. At a fast food joint. Let me guess. Sandwich and coke set = NOK 88? hambuger beef + fries + coke = NOK 127? A piece of fast food steak + fries + coke = NOK 147!? HOLY SMOKE!
Norway's highway is a pain. Narrow, no shoulder, no parking buffer, no look out spot, tolled. Worse of all, the speed limit is on average 20km/h less than it should be.
How is that for pinic?
Most highways have speed limits of 60, 70km/h. Be lead-footed and you get a NOK 4,000 (HOLY SMOKE!!!) ticket. There are guaranteed cameras along the highway to take your speeding picture so you don't have to feel lucky. Everybody drives like a turtle on Norway highways and no one takes over if you crawl at 60km/h. Excuse me, but Norway highway is not the road to hell - it IS hell!
At 60km/h, we have to spend double the planned time driving across the country. Gosh, Norway, you must be kidding me.

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