3/4 Scandinavia / Sweden 0807

A country of 9 million people. More than HK's 7 million. But Sweden has 449,964 sq km. HK has just 1,076 sq km. We get warm up here for the Scandinavia drive trip.

KLM is when we bet our lives on this time.
Why aren't these TVs showing any movies?
Samrt car on show at Amsterdam airport. Don't remember seeing this in HK.
Goteborg in Swidish. Our home base of this Scandinavia trip. Dad's friend, uncle Liu, is receiving us. Get a few days to get use to the weather, the language, and high price.
I have a feeling that she is working for M6.
You can tell is Holland.
Beyond this point at the Amsterdam airport, you are in the EU. You get a chop on your passport here ONLY. Then you don't get any attention crossing boders within the EU.
It has to be Holland.
25% MOMS (sales tax, sort of) everywhere. So at the tax free zone, you get 20% off. 25% x= 20%? Hey, do some math.
European designed piss bowl. Look closer ...
No one cleans the toilet ah? Well, the dead fly is in fact a painting on ceramic. European design can be this drity. It allows me to stay busy while pissing. Love it.
Rest area. Kam play dead here for an hour.
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the home of KLM - I guess.

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