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Goteborg in Swidish. Our home base of this Scandinavia trip. Dad's friend, uncle Liu, is receiving us. Get a few days to get use to the weather, the language, and high price.
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At Gothenburg airport. Get your laguagge and go. No passport control.
At our temporary base.
First day out.
Uncle Liu brings us to the first sightseeing spot - IKEA. Faint.
Swidish lesson, if i remember correctly. "NYHET" is "New".
This is the part of IKEA I love the most - the cafateria.
Yum 1
Yum 2
Yum 3!
All our's. Envy?
No one knows what salmon is here. The fish is know as Lax.
THE Swidish meat ball.
Let's eat the hell out of IKEA.
Be my knight.
Yummy lunch. The food was good ... Oh, by the way, IKEA sells furniture if you haven't noticed.
In downtownm, at sea food shop.
I like crabs. Would be even better if they don't look that much like alians.
Oh, they chop up Mr. Salmon!
Oh, again, LAX is official, salmon is not.
Very common little shrimp in Sweden. Made into various delicious things like sandwiches.
In a mall.
Cheer up lady. Maybe you need a beer more than a coffee. :OP
As if I know what the words mean.
Ever see a mannequin twists that much? They do in Europe. Ouch.
Ar, finally something that looks familiar to me ...
"I am not giving up traveling!"
Being fashionable is par.
Langos with shrimp. Mamamiya, it's VERY, VERY good!
Somehow the lango tastes sweet. I wonder why ....
Lango is good. But eating too much is bad.
In a covered market...
Cool guys here in Sweden too.
Rather hide under an umbrella than retreating into the shop. This is romance.
In a silver workshop. I need to trade an arm if I want an earring.
For dinner - I mean the little lobsters.
Serious breakfast. By HK standard, this can last till dinner.
"Centrum" = "Downtown". That works in the whole Scandinavia.
Ok, KLM broke my brandless, decade-old. dirt-cheap suit case. They got me to pick another case from a shop in downtown. The shop owner values the broken case at SEK 1,000, and offers this SEK 1,400 pink Samsonite window item at discount. Mum said YES before I got there. Well, I am gay I got a good deal but I am not gay because I am not gay. Uncle Liu's grand kid Louise models the new case for us.
A castle near Gothenburg.

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