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Xidi, Hong Cun
Both villages appeared in the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Xidi is so commercialized that you don't get the peaceful feeling that come with old villages. Hong Cun (Cun = Village) is full of tourist but still has many places that calms you down.
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Xidi This is medium level wood sculpture of Anhui. Already stunning. Nice combination of the signature Anhui style building. 
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Again, Xidi is very commercialized. Almost every house is turned into some sort of a shop.  My feeling is that, there is nothing much to see except empty cases. When you look close, you find things are not well preserved, or are even destroyed. A hour or 2's transportation to Hong Cun. Kam starts to peek into other people's house again.
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More wood sculpture. Super chicken soup. Look at the yellow color. That means the chicken is free range chicken, which is nutritious and yummy. A full table of village homemade dishes.
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Hong Cun was built following the idea of a cow. This is the middle of the village, the "stomach" of the cow.  The "stomach" is connected by "intestines", which is a circulating system that brings water from nearby water source. This water is a live water supply and drainage system. Back in the old days, they had such overall design in just a little village. Is that wisdom or what? Yes, this is the place that appeared in the movie.
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Moving market. Selling fish. The lever thing is a weight.  One of the entrance of Hong Cun.
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Duck: just had a swim in the "stomach". Doing laundry at the "stomach". Knowing what is enough is key to joy.
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Another moving market selling ToFu. See the small channel of water at the back? That is the "intestine". The nice bridge at the entrance of the village.
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Kam has the luck to stay in the inn beside the bridge. Here is Kam's mobile office. Hong Cun is not a big village. And the most attractive place is for sure the "stomach". So Kam comes here night and day. Just can't get tire of staying beside the "stomach". Call the cops! This guy is dragging bodies! Wait, these are pigs!
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Don't envy Kam. That is how he works when he travels.
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Farming silk worm.

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