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Nanping of Anhui
The oldie village .. ..
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In Chinese Kung Fu, when you are reach the highest level, you can kill by throwing a leaf or a flower. Obviously, Kam is not talking about this lady. She is just holding her lunch while exercising. Deep fried chicken before Kam leaves for Nanping. Zoom! After a bus ride, Kam is at Nanping. Kam climbs the house he stays in and finds the best way to view the old houses. These walls are called Ma Tou (horse head) walls. They were built a more than 100 years ago, some up to a few 100 years.
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The oldest form of washing machine - human. Bamboo is plenty in Anhui. Workshops that turns bamboo into something useful is also plenty in Anhui. Wood sculpture is one of the specialties of Anhui. This is just beginner level work.
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Walking between Ma Tou walls. Peeking into a village house.
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  A kitchen. The more you see these Ma Tou walls, the more you love them.
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Planning rice. Garlic. So peaceful sitting on top of the house looking at the village. This is a well with 3 openings. Dried port hang atop doors. That must be something to show off with.
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If I don't climb up and see the Ma Tou walls everyday, I can't sleep. This is for sure an antique board. But it hurts to see tourists carving their names on it. Yes, this happens even at Forbidden Palace's columns. That is bad. Breakfast - congee, fried peanuts, pickle, egg.
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Bye bye Nanping.

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