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Anhui (May 2005)
This unfinished log is found when Kam cleans up his comptuer. Was written in simple HTML format 3 years back. Love that and just post it that way.
Anhui merchants was doing well some 500 years ago. Wealth was accumulated and lots of nice houses were built. You can easily find old, peaceful and beautiful villages in Anhui. It's a pleasure to be in if you like old stuff.
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Nanping Village - an old but well maintained village. The place to see the original Anhui. Xidi, Hong Cun - 2 villages appeared in famous movies. Xidi is too commercialized but Hong Cun is worth a visit. Huangshan - yes, the most beautiful mountain of China, again. A new trail was built and Kam tries it out. Jingdezhen - the capital of Chinaware in Jiangxi province.

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