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Huang Shan Yet Again
Huang Shan is such a popular destination that it's packed with people everywhere.

A new trail is built. Good news is that  average tour group tourists don't want to do this harder trek. So, Kam has this trail all by himself most of time. It's too good to be true.

This is an average scene at Huangshan. People everywhere and tour guides shouting with loud speakers. It's bothering Kam.
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Now there is the run away .. .. The Xihai Scenic Area has a new built trail. With few average tourists want to go.
081_IMG_IMG_0020.jpg 082_IMG_IMG_0035.jpg 083_IMG_IMG_0047.jpg 084_IMG_IMG_0059.jpg
Let Kam has the trail all by himself!
086_IMG_IMG_0105.jpg 087_IMG_IMG_0106.jpg 088_IMG_IMG_0114.jpg 089_IMG_IMG_0119.jpg 090_IMG_IMG_0121.jpg
Any one over there?
091_IMG_IMG_0122.jpg 092_IMG_IMG_0129.jpg
sometimes it gets really steep .. ..

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