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Back to Hong Kong (21th Oct)
  7am flight back home.
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img_9044t.jpg   I will be back.
A few words on JiuZhaiGou's pollution

  JiuZhaiGou is mainly made up of primitive forests and water. It's extremely beautiful and yet it's extremely fragile. The JiuZhaiGou managing authority is doing better than managing authorities of many other tourist sites but in my humble opinion, it's not enough.

My fear after this blissful trip is, will I be able to come back and see JiuZhaiGou, in her stunning beauty, 5 or 10 years later?

Chemical foam in the lakes.
Plastic bottle in the middle of a photo spot.
Gasoline stains left by construction trucks which will be washed into the lakes soon.
img_8434t.jpgWhile planning to move all the native Tibetans out of the JiuZhaiGou scenic area in the name of preventing pollution, the JiuZhaiGou managing authority is building this huge complex at the heart of JiuZhaiGou to provide food and perhaps accommodation to tourists. Is this a lack of environment protection knowhow, or is it greed?   As the people of China become more wealthy and more educated, may the love for nature wins more grounds from the love for money. Let's hope that fairyland JiuZhaiGou will still ramain fairyland JiuZhaiGou for our kids to see.

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