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JiuZhaiGou (19th Oct)
  As usual, I wake up real early. I don't wanna spend the half day sleeping. It's still dark and I hear light rain. What the hack.

I have Tibetan breakfast in that Tibetan living room, around that Tibetan stove (images from last trip). And I have a good time chatting with fellow travelers until light breaks. 

Oh well, even if I am not taking any PICs in the rain, I can always see and look and stare. So I put on my raincoat and out I go.

  Then god strikes me with another gift - SNOW!

img_8827t.jpgI have seen red leaves, I have seen snow. But never the 2 together. Am I being extremely looked after or what? I am not supposed to see snow at this time of the year!

Despite all the trouble shooting on a wet day, I pull out my camera and I put myself on automatic shooting mode.

I take a bus to the high point of JiuZhaiGou, some 9,000ft I belief, to catch the early snow.
img_8850t.jpg img_8853t.jpg img_8859t.jpg img_8864t.jpg
img_8866t.jpg img_8896t.jpg img_8873t.jpg img_8898t.jpg

The Arrow Bamboo Lake

The 5 Color Pool - one of the most colorful lakes of the colorful JiuZhaiGou
img_8904t.jpg   I thought my camera is a good camera but today, it's out witted by the range of color JiuZhaiGou has to offer. Grey sky, white snow, bright white clouds, red, yellow and green leaves, blue lake, and all the colors in between. Honestly, I don't think any camera can ever capture all the colors on one PIC. img_8910t.jpg
img_8915t.jpg img_8926t.jpg img_8927t.jpg img_8931t.jpg
  The new snow only manage to stay for a couple of hours. I am busy going up and down the mountains (by bus of course) seeing the snow melting away.
img_8946t.jpg img_8970t.jpg img_8978t.jpg img_8980t.jpg
img_8982t.jpg img_8984t.jpg img_8990t.jpgBye snow, bye JiuZhaiGou.
  I step out of JiuZhaiGou's main gate at 1pm and missed the noon bus back to ChengDu. So I check into a guesthouse and start working. That's a hell of a way to kill the rest of the day.

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