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JiuZhaiGou (18th Oct)
  Living inside of JiuZhaiGou has an advantage - you can start having fun before day trip tourists can even get on a tour bus.
Have to start with the LuoRiLang Waterfall because it's at the center of JiuZhaiGou walking trails.
img_8654t.jpg img_8658t.jpg img_8659t.jpg
img_8663t.jpg img_8666t.jpg img_8667t.jpg img_8668t.jpg
img_8679t.jpg img_8686t.jpg img_8691t.jpg img_8699t.jpg
img_8712t.jpg img_8713t.jpg img_8714t.jpg img_8719t.jpg

The Swan Lake. Anyone doing ballet here?
img_8721t.jpg img_8722t.jpg img_8727t.jpg img_8732t.jpg
  In the afternoon, it drizzles. It takes real patient and caution to take PICs in such condition.
img_8733t.jpg img_8736t.jpg img_8752t.jpg img_8756t.jpg
img_8763t.jpg img_8789t.jpg img_8786t.jpgThis could have been one of the best PICs. However, the rain falls on the lens and make focusing hard. Then I have to shade the lens with my left hand. As you can see in the upper left corner of the PIC.
The trees and lakes outside of the ShuZheng
[Tree_Upright More Detail] Village is probably the most colorful spot.
where am I? I expect fairies flying around.
img_8790t.jpg img_8795t.jpg
  You may wonder, why just a few PICs in the whole afternoon. In fact, I have taken tons of PICs and have walked a very long distance. And I spent lots of time waiting for tourists to get out of the way.

  It's late afternoon. Overcast and cool. After being overwhelmed by all the colors, I am extremely excited and satisfied. I think I need to calm down. So I go back to the Mirror Lake.


Although rain drops ripple the Mirror Lake,
the tranquility can never be taken away.
img_8809t.jpg img_8806t.jpg img_8810t.jpg img_8812t.jpg
img_8819t.jpg img_8821t.jpg img_8826t.jpg
  Ok, I am all done. In the last 3 days, I have seen more colors that I had expected. If I die this very moment, I have one less thing to worry about. I put on a little smile.

  I will be leaving tomorrow noon but I am not a bit sad. I am already planning to come back in mid Feb to see the snow scenes of JiuZhaiGou. I have white dreams.


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