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JiuZhaiGou (17th Oct)
  Before the sun warms up the air causing the wind to drift in, it's the best time to be at the shore of the Mirror Lake. It's calm, it's mysterious, it's peaceful. 

Surrounded by everything, the heart can do nothing but to follow the quiet rhythm in the air, and to slide along the mirror-smooth surface of the lake. The heart goes unfocused.

img_8442t.jpg img_8450t.jpg img_8454t.jpg img_8461t.jpg
img_8462t.jpg img_8465t.jpg img_8467t.jpg img_8475t.jpg
img_8482t.jpg img_8485t.jpg img_8492t.jpg img_8495t.jpg
img_8499t.jpg img_8517t.jpg
  Then I keep walking and shooting PICs the whole day. I forget to have lunch altogether but I don't remember feeling hungry at all. 
img_8529t.jpg img_8535t.jpg img_8561t.jpg img_8565t.jpg
img_8571t.jpg img_8581t.jpg img_8582t.jpg img_8592t.jpg
Workers doing lunch in nature's embracement. Life is a bitch only because we allow it to be. We can choose otherwise. 
Sept 2001
Oct 2002
img_8597t.jpg img_8601t.jpg img_8603t.jpg img_8605t.jpg
img_8604t.jpg img_8608t.jpg img_8609t.jpg img_8612t.jpg
  Ok, take a deep breath. We got more PICs to look at .. ..
img_8614t.jpg img_8618t.jpg img_8623t.jpg img_8633t.jpg
img_8637t.jpg img_8642t.jpg img_8645t.jpg img_8647t.jpg
img_8649t.jpg img_8650t.jpg
  At the end of a fruitful day, I ask myself - can I see an even better JiuZhaiGou tomorrow? I want a positive answer but I am afraid to think it's gonna turn out the other way.

Hey, in JiuZhaiGou, it can't go wrong.


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