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JiuZhaiGou  [Nine_Village_Valley More Detail] Trip II (Oct. 2002)
  It was Sept. 2001 that I first went to JiuZhaiGou. (trip I's trip log) JiuZhaiGou's beauty stunned me from head to toe.

  However, residents of JiuZhaiGou told me mid October is the best time to see JiuZhaiGou. I could imagine red leaves of Autumn (or Winter, whatever) lighting up the already beautiful greens and blues of JiuZhaiGou. 

  In early Oct of 2002, I suddenly remember I have somewhere to go. And that somewhere is JiuZhaiGou.

Time Table (Oct, 2002)
  * currency in US$ unless specified     
14 Hong Kong > ChengDu    
15 It's JiuZhaiGou for the whole week. It's timeless .. .. 16  17  18  19  20 JiuZhaiGou all the way!
21 Back to Hong Kong, back to reality    
Travel Plan
Simply taking lots of PICs in JiuZhaiGou. Don't need a plan.

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