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  I feel like I have a mission after this trip. I have no idea how do I go about doing it but I think I should do something to help the kids in the poorest part of China, i.e., GuiZhou.

  Here is my idea after giving it much thought. I think it's meaningful if GuiZhou herself can raise the fund to help her own kids:

I will take a small group of, maybe, 4 travelers back to GuiZhou, backpack style.
I will arrange for an adventurous 2 week trip including but not limit to:
checking out schools of GuiZhou,
staying in village huts like I did in PingTang, will continue exploring that cave Lao Lin brought me to,
drifting in GuiZhou's rivers
visiting/staying in a village in QS LiPou which the Miao tribe there is not at all modernized, they still wear their traditional costume everyday and dance the old way,
HwangGouSu Waterfall, ZiJin Cave, Big and Little 7 Holes, and other best scenic areas of GuiZhou
other spontaneous destinations.
Budget wise, there are 2 parts - donation & actual expense:
donation - I would ask for a US$650 donation from each participant, including myself;
actual expense - pay your own backpacker style expenses as they occur along the trip. Starting from Hong Kong, including round trip air ticket to GuiYang, I estimate actual expense for 14 days would be around US$450.
Please note that Kam is NOT making a dime from this trip.
All, I mean ALL, including my part of the donation will go into grandpa's school fund. Your money will be well managed and every penny of it will be spent on schools of GuiZhou. You will be notified of how the money is spent when they are spent.
For the traveling part, you will get to see and live the real China BUT you will sleep in zero star hotels and eat spicy, less-than-yummy foods. The good part is, you don't have to BYOB.
Depart when I get enough participants (hope it's not the year 2048). Since it's a small group, all participants' are welcome to make suggestions on anything and these suggestions will be incorporated into the trip.

  Please email to:

tell Kam if the above is a good/bad idea; 
ask any questions you want to ask about the above GuiZhou trip;
make suggestions on the above idea.
  Time to go. See ya.

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