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ZiJin Cave (9th Sep)
  I finished my unexpected duties in GuiZhou, so I get to have a holiday, alone, today. 

  I am visiting ZiJin [Purple-Gold More Detail] Cave today. I am told it's the "number one cave between sky & earth" (sky & earth is just a figure of speech. Means in China). It takes 2 hours to walk thru the cave.

The cave was originally named "Catch Chicken Cave" when a few farmers stumbled into this huge underground world chasing after a chicken. When the government started to develop the cave as a tourist attraction, it's renamed after the ZiJin county it's located in.

But I like "Catch Chicken Cave" better.

No talking, enjoy the view. 
img_7869s.jpgOk, got to comment on this. This is an area created in the middle of the cave for shows. There is a thick layer of cement on the ground and all sorts of unnecessary human touch. While fellow visitors cheers on, my heart aches.
img_7879s.jpg img_7880s.jpg img_7884s.jpg img_7886s.jpg
img_7891s.jpg img_7893s.jpg img_7896s.jpg img_7901s.jpg
This is 1 of the 3 treasures of the cave. It's like a soldier's helmet but I didn't get a good shot of it. 
img_7907s.jpg img_7908s.jpg img_7910s.jpg
Without size reference, you have no idea this area has the width of a football field.
This is treasure #2. The Ganoderma Pillar. It's 260 ft. tall. 
Tall, and with lots of details. Very beautiful.
img_7913s.jpg img_7922s.jpg
This is another treasures of the cave. Don't remember the name though.
It grows upwards! However, fellow visitors are too noisy I can't make out what the tour guide says about how this is formed.
img_7926s.jpg img_7932s.jpg img_7934s.jpg
img_7935s.jpg img_7936s.jpg img_7939s.jpg img_7942s.jpg
The entrance, and exit of the cave. That was a long walk.
  Going back to GuiYang. Feeling lazy and totally satisfied.
Caves everywhere. Want to climb that one as well.
Kids walking home after school.
Thru the fields .. ..
Goodbye the familiar GuiZhou landscape.

My dream trip ends. But I am sure I will be back to help the kids.

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