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Leaving PingTang, to LiPou [Don't know what the name means More Detail] (5th Sep)
  Wake up really early in the morning and feeling a little lost -  I have to leave today. I want to enjoy this place while I can so I take a walk along the river.
img_7475s.jpgLao Lin and his wife is already up. And gee, what is he doing! He killed one of his duckies!!!   Standing on the shore watching Lao Lin washing the "homing duckie", I am flattered yet at the same time saddened. 

Lao Lin keeps a dog, a horse, a buffalo, chickens and homing duckies. These duckies are like family members and now he gives one of them up to serve a farewell breakfast to a guy he has known for 2 days. I am deeply moved.

img_7474s.jpgRed bean, corn, and whatever makes up this colorful bowl of rice. A sad pot of duckie. And not seen in the PIC is, never in Kam's breakfast history, a FULL  bowl of liquor.

This is a breakfast hard to swallow, emotionally.

img_7492s.jpgFamily portrait with an intruder - from left to right, Mrs. Lin, Lin's daughter Li, grandma, grand pa, Lin, and the intruder Kam.

Li has dropped out of secondary school because of financial concern. And that concern is only US$30/term.

I wouldn't want to contaminate these honest people by giving them money for my 2-day stay. So I sponsor Li to go back to school. That may be the first move I take to follow my grandpa's footstep in GuiZhou.

  9:30am. The same team of officials that toke me here reappears and take me away. It's like a hole in a time machine. I went in a couple of days ago, loved it, and then the hole opens up again, a bunch of time cops come out and arrest me. 

I am back to reality.

  I may not have found out this very moment. Another climax is waiting for me .. ..
  The officials relayed me from county to county and from city to city. I have no idea of where I am. Only thing I know is I am going to LiPou. It's a beautiful place in the south most of QS and it's under my request that they send me there. On my own GuiZhou itinerary, it's the last place I have control over - or at least that's what I thought.
  Lunch is at DuShan [Lone-HillMore Detail] county. Again, it's the kind of a political lunch which you only have time to drink but no time to eat. Adding to the bowl of liquor I had during breakfast, I am half done when I head for a school in DuShan.
That's how they go to school.
They are not going to school.
This is a school built early in grandpa's GuiZhou venture. It looks much better than other schools that I have seen. 
Hi kids.
Singing .. ..
"Teacher, there is someone out there disturbing us."
mvi_7533.avi Ok, let's see some action here.

Watch out though if you have a slow connection. It's a SMALL 8M file.

  And on we go to LiPou.

  In the past few days, I have had too much alcohol and, worse of all, too much spicy food. In the long ride to LiPou, I feel something fermenting at a scary rate in my intestine. If not suppressed with my utmost effort, I can become the biggest source of natural gas on earth. .. .. Oh no .. .. no .. ..

Close look at GuiZhou's terrace.
A village in the middle of somewhere.
Another village. No bus goes there.
And no taxi.
This is a "hanging foot" hut of the BuYi tribe. The hut is lifted above the ground and things can be stored at the bottom.
Looks like .. .. I don't know.
It's a long ride. My intestine is storming and my butt falls asleep. Are we there yet?
Late afternoon, I have my first look at LiPou the city.
This is a snap shot of LiPou. My last shot before I go to dinner with local officials.
  Then the unexpected happens .. ..

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