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HwangGouSu [Yellow_Fruite_TreeMore Detail] Waterfall (1st Sep)
  What's up today? Our family is going to the must-see of GuiZhou - the HwangGouSu Waterfall. It's said that if you don't see HwangGuoSu, you haven't been to GuiZhou. O .. K ..
That fuzzy piece of cloud n the middle of the blue sky is in fact a blot of dirt on my camera's lens. Sorry.
img_7956s.jpg img_7953s.jpg
See, there are caves.
  GuiZhou is of ??? landscape. What ??? is, I don't know in English (and would someone please tell me). It's the landscape with limestone, stalactite, stalagmite, caves, etc. There are plenty of examples along the way..
The city which HwangGouSu belongs to. Name forgotten.
First sight of HwangGuoSu. Nice, nut not stunned.
Hope they are not washing their feet down there.
We are going clock-wise around the waterfall. 
Rainbows, 2 of them!!!!
Behind the waterfall, there is a cave with dripping water.
Another rainbow.
After 30 min. of walking, we finally get to the trademark angle of HwangGuoSu. Yeah!
  Although we are sight-seeing today, we are by no means free souls. We have to make it back to GuiYang for an official dinner. Sigh. Counting the 5 hour round trip ride between GuiYang and HwangGuoSu, we don't have much time. So with limited time left, we go to a national level scenic site (so as HwangGuoSu) nearby, the Dragon Palace.
Chinese like to eat flower and melon seeds. Sort of like eating peanuts. Sunflower seed is a yummy kind of seed.
Diapers are not an option for rural areas. So "open pants" is still a fashion for kids. 

I hope mom won't tell me one day that I wore one of these when I was a kid and she got PICs to prove.  

The Dragon Palace is a limestone cave that you have to tour by boat.

The review is, the cave looks good from far, but it's far from good looking.

It only takes 20 min. to finish the tour in this dried-up cave. The tour guide speaks emotionlessly like a battery-low recorder. And as cool as other bad caves I have seen, there is enough cement on the cave surface to build another Great Wall. Enough.
  I have no idea why the Dragon Palace was named a national level scenic site. Could be ill management of the cave in recent years or it could be corruption in the rating committee. Whatever it is, the tourists who come a long way to see the cave are the losers. img_7014s.jpg
Ok cute kid, you don't like me. Bye bye.
This is an average scene on the road from GuiYang to HwangGuoSu.
  Not a fun day, not at all.
  Dinner is so "political" that I dare not take PICs on the table. They treat us with lots of seafood which doesn't come by easy in mountainous GuiZhou. However, our frequent exposure to seafood and the solid political air make all food tasteless.

But the liquor is good.

img_7022s.jpgLiquor is a culture in GuiZhou. The national liquor of China, MaoTai, is brewed in the little county of MaoTai of GuiZhou.

This national liquor is not an empty honor. I am not a veteran drinker but I can taste the smoothness of the liquor as it runs down the throat. Despite it's 50+% alcohol content, it doesn't burn at all. 

Even better, I don't get a headache when I get drunk with MaoTai. I sort of feel like I am floating in a sea of cotton, everything is soft and mellow while I haven't lost control of my conscious mind. It's that the most sought-after state of getting drunk?

I have heard of MaoTai when I was a kid but haven't gotten much chance to try it. Why? There are too many counterfeits on the market that most people rather give up on it. In GuiZhou, and at an official dinner, the liquor is got to be genuine.

img_7027s.jpgAfter dinner, we take grandpa for a walk in the nearby park.

People are having fun dancing in fountains.

  Fair sight-seeing, tiring commute and boring dinner. Not a fun day, not at all.

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