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Back to GuiYang (31th Aug)
  It's gonna be a long day getting back to GuiYang. 
Breakfast at a tiny noodle shop. Very family style.
Got plenty of stuff to put onto my noodle. Most of them hot!
Dumplings and 4 choices of noodle. Not sparing me of decision making even during a vacation.
Simple and fresh. The meat used was bought from the 6am morning market. With meat that fresh, it doesn't take much seasoning to make tasty dumplings. And the color is lovely.
  After half a day's ride and a few near-death situations (yes, I am still sitting beside that crazy driver. He almost forced a mini van off the hill in one occasion), we have lunch at QSE's capital, KeiLi [Just a nameMore Detail]

  There are 3 types of hotness in China. Paralytic hotness (SiChuan food), salty hotness (HuNan cuisine), and sour hotness (GuiZhou).

GuiZhou people like sourness besides hotness. Saying goes, "not eating sour for 3 day, (one) walks in circles". This one guy must be really hungry .. .. and so am I. Let's eat.

"Sour fish" is a must-eat at QSE.

So sour fish is a hot pot style meal. The fish is, guess what, cat fish!
  GuiZhou people don't have good cooking skills. So they like to put everything into a hot pot, sprinkling it with chilli, and eat. img_6840s.jpg
Relax, the red is sourness, not spiciness. Only 2x. Sorry, not my style.
Here is what you start with in the bowl.
This is bee cocoon. I can hear bee ghosts humming while I eat.
We have this commercialized Miao door guarding liquor at this restaurant. The bull horns look more exquisite and A LOT BIGGER!!!
  The rest of the day is car ride and more near-death riding experience. But I make it back to GuiYang in one piece. Amen. img_6871s.jpg
In GuiZhou, there are a lot more than just pepper and salt to pass at a dinner table. If you can't remember all the name of the spices, say "pass me that tray".
  Sleep well. Major sight-seeing tomorrow.

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