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GuiYang (28th Aug)
  Wake up to a 3.5 star hotel breakfast. I wanted to go out and eat on the street but I am not allowed to. Since I am with my family, I gotta give up my backpack spirit for a while.

  What comes after breakfast is the official sigh seeing arranged by MJ. Our first stop is "Qian Ling [GuiZhou-SpiritMore Detail] Park" in the middle of the city. It's not a place I would visit if I were coming alone but it's family time and it's official.

Ronaldo Jr.!!??
Random shot.
Elderly people getting together at the park.
Random shot.
Bird fans taking their pets for a walk. While the birdies are singing, the men are chatting.
Random shot.
Ok mister, do you need a model? There is a handsome guy behind you if you haven't noticed already.
There is a temple at the top of the park.. ..
These are guards of heaven who who don't check your tickets when you enter.
Phoenix on the roof.
Lantern and temple.
This old lady is preparing oil lamps for the temple. From the respect she shows in her movement, it's obvious that this is not just a job for her.
  From my experience, parks of China is a different concept then park elsewhere. Chinese people do things that I haven't seen people doing else where.

Park people dance, sing, and play musical instruments, or even karaoke following lyrics on big pieces of paper, etc, etc. In short, they are really having fun in parks.

  2 AVI files on the right are HUGE (someone kindly tell me how to compress them into MPeg files?) . Could take ages for a slow connection to download but it's worth it . Download and play with Windows Media Player or any plug-ins your browser may support.

9M AVI file  
A cool mister playing a, maybe, lute when climbing steps to the temple. I am not familiar with this instrument but it's music is sooooo relaxing and touching I almost want to ask cool mister for his autograph.
5M AVI file
This lady is sitting with her friends in the shade. She suddenly gets into mood and sing and dance on the spot. That is a very direct expression of emotion. She is doing skillful, even professional, dance steps. She says she was a performer in the army or something. No wonder.
  Then a city tour on foot. Maybe because of GuiYang's high altitude, the sun seems closer and hotter than the sun I see in Hong Kong. I almost can't open my eyes without a pair of sunglasses. I have this burning sensation after exposing myself in the sun for 10 seconds. I am BBQed!
Random shot .. ..
Taking a break. The ancient building in the background is tourist spot JiaXiu Tower.
The roof of JiaXiu Tower.
A tiny museum displaying traditional costume of the Miao tribe.
More actions in the park.
These phrases  maybe international - "may I see your license?" and "shoot!".
I risk my life taking this picture. It's a booth selling Miao medication. The lady's arm is poked with "plum blossom pins (five short pins arranged in the shape of a plumb flower". Then suction cups filled with herbal medication are placed on the poked skin. The old doctor says that facilitates quick absorption of medication thru the skin. Interview is ok but picturing not. So I do it from across the street.
"No, no .. .. not that one!!!!!"

"Gee, why your tongue comes off so easily?"


When you can't afford a qualified dentist, anyone with a pair of pliers will do. 

Oh that hurts.

A bird cage booth.
Another bird supply booth. The little cups are called "bird cans". They are placed in the cage to hold bird food.
When you need more than salt and pepper for your dinner, you are at the right booth.
Sharpening knives and scissors is a profession.
It looks ugly but it works. That's all that matters.

But I would rather walk.

Street shot .. ..
This is called "thorn berry". It has a super high vitamin C content but a flat to bitter taste. Good though if dipped into sugar water first. 
  img_6424s.jpg Dinner is official and boring so no log.

An hour of street strolling and I call it a day. Gonna start our long distance school visit tomorrow. Sleep tight.

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