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to GuiYang [Precious-Sun More Detail] (27th Aug)
  When Hong Kongers fly to mainland destinations, one favorite option is to use ShenZhen's (the China city just north of Hong Kong) airport. Although it takes 2 extra hours of transit to get there, the saving on air fair is a tempting 50%+.
ShenZhen's airport. Not bad, isn't it?
At the airport, everything flies.
img_6135s.jpg"Passenger ABC of flight 123, please proceed to gate 12 ..." 

But passenger ABC is picking his nose over here.

   Up on the flight. There are a few kids sitting in the front with yellow vests.

The yellow vests provided by the airline say "Kid riding alone". They are kids from GuiZhou visiting grandparents or relatives in ShenZhen. Their parents are wealthy enough to "airmail" them around but don't have the time to accompany them.

Good thing is, these kids are by no means shy and they can chat whatever topic with whoever that comes along. These kids seem to know about the outside world as much as the kids in Hong Kong. Bad thing is, I remember there are plenty of kids in GuiZhou who can't afford to pay $15 a year for school. Well, let's consider these yellow kids a good start for GuiZhou.

My small uncle is getting along with this "kid riding alone" well. Gotta believe there is a kid in everyone. 
  GuiZhou was summarized into 3 sentences b ancient people. "Flat land doesn't last for 3 feet, weather doesn't stay sunny for 3 days, people don't even have 3 cents". From the air, I can see that sentence #1 is darn right.
I wouldn't want my forehead to look this wrinkly.
Can't even find one foot of flat land.
Hilly landscape is a big hindrance to development.
That is one of the reasons why GuiZhou is behind all other provinces in China's economic reform.
Terrace is a solution to fight the landscape.
It must be hard to cultivate but it's nice to look at.
  GuiYang is the capital city of GuiZhou province. It's altitude is 2,600ft, and it's surrounded by mountains. 
Looking from the window of the hotel. I get my fist impression of GuiYang ...
She is about 7 years behind other major China cities. Mind you, with China's development speed in the 21st century, 7 years is A LOT.
Street of GuiYang - small city feel.
"The Fountain" is the landmark of GuiYang. It marks the very downtown of of the city.
Random shot on the street.
At a shoe store, ladies are picking their footwear. I can see fire in their eyes.
This fella is making a candy called "Dragon Feeler Candy". He stretches, twists, folds, and stretches again until the candy turns into threads. Then you get to eat the dragon's feeler.
Making a living.
  Checking out GuiYang's food.
This is the most common noodle of GuiZhou but I keep forgetting it's name. Why? Because I don't like it. (biases)
"Tang Wa Wa" [soup-doll More Detail] Vegetable wrapped in thin pan cake. Dip into green onion soya sauce when served.
"Sugar water" is a oriental desert concept. It's something that baths in sweet water. This is "green bean sugar water". Got ice and sesame in there. Cool.
  GuiZhou is one of the provinces in China famous for liking spicy food. Is this chilli pepper scary? They eat spoonfuls of it every meal.
img_7038s.jpgCasual snack sold on the street. My head is smoking just looking at these chillied vegetables.

There are 3 levels of hot resistance exhibited by the top 3 hot-loving provinces. SiChuan people are "not afraid of hotness". The next is GuiZhou people who are "afraid if there is no hotness" - they almost can't eat if foods are not spicy. HuNan people, the most hot-resistant of all, are "afraid of no hotness".

Maybe there is one more level - Hong Kong people are "afraid of ALL hotness".

I can tell this mister is from the remote XinJiang province. They are the pioneer of selling BBQ mutton on the streets. I saw them did so in BeiJing way back in 1985.
I am on fire after eating one of this. It's HOT x 1,000,000. I have my tongue dangling out of my mouth for 15 minutes as a result. BBQ mutton is good but this mister's production is too salty. x 1
  The first dinner at GuiYang is a treat by the local reception authority, MJ (full name skipped as I don't think they want too much publicity). It's a custom for the host to treat the guests who come a long way to visit. Such meals are called "dust washing" or "wind receiving" meals.

Anyway, it's yum yum time.

Seafood used to be an extravaganza in mountainous GuiZhou. Now there are highways connecting GuangXi province. Seafood is just one day away. Yummy crab soup. 4x
Salad is not harmful? Think twice. This salad with super spicy dressing is the hottest dish of the night. 3x
This is "wind dried meat". It is almost poisonous to health conscious people but it has a subtle and lingering flavor, sort of like smoked meat, that keeps me eating. Best of all, there is no greasy nor stuffy feeling even it's 90% fat. 4.5x
"Mashed potato". Big deal right? But with bits of wind dried meat and unknown ingredients, it has taken on a new life. Best dish of the nite! 4.5x
  GuiYang is sort of dead during the day. Yet the whole city comes to life after nightfall. I suddenly realize there IS a population in GuiYang. 
The fountain at night.
Rush hours begin after 7pm. 
Biologists may find that GuiYangers and owls have something in common - both nocturnal.
Temporary food stalls pop up after 7pm. They will stay open till 6am. Yes, you got me right. 6am.
Midnight eating is not a manifestation of hungriness. Rather, it's a form of socialization in China.
Pig tail? I would love to ... if I am not cutting down on meat. There are pig intestine, lung, tongue etc. ... Hey, you might say YICK but if you care to try, you will find these are the yummiest food on Earth. 
BBQ stuff wholesale. I suspect it takes half a ton of chilli pepper to season the whole lot.
There are hundreds of food stalls lining up along the streets. I suspect this city only functions at night. 
Sit tight. From left: snail, clam, crab. Snails could be yummy but I dare not take a close look at them when they are alive.
Snails: After
Not that you have to eat them all. This is the complete street version of Soup Doll I tried this afternoon. Got more choices for stuffing material here.
Fry 'em! And he almost fry my camera's lens too. I stand there for 2 minutes taking this PIC and then find my lens being sealed with grease spots. Gosh.
  Snack before bed. Not a healthy move. I need to jog back to Hong Kong to wear the fat off.

I will do that in my dream tonight.

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