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Singapore & Malaysia
  I had no intention of writing up this trip. But I figure someone might enjoy a few PICs. So here I am typing.
  I was not in a mood to take good PICs during this trip. Please don't expect PICs like those I took in mainland China.
Map of Singapore and Malaysia, click to enlarge (map stolen from CIA website. If they have franchise in HK, I am dead meat )

  4 things that started this trip:

  1. I want to visit a primary school mate, Aileen, who went to Singapore to station a couple of months ago;
  2. I desperately need a diver trip to unwind;
  3. my cousin, Cobra, volunteers to be my dive buddy and most important of all;
  4. he has access to discount business class tickets.

So we head for the airport with 2 big bags of dive gear in the evening of the 17th.

  Before we start, you can check out this CIA web site for a little quick  facts on Singapore and Malaysia. (thanks CIA) Ok, now you have tapped into CIA info. If you hear someone knocking on your door right now, it must be some CIA agents. Time to call your lawyer.
Pulau (island) Tioman (17th-21st Jun)
  A little before midnight, we land on Singapore soil. We only get to sleep a few hours at Aileen's company-provided, huge, 3 bedroom apartment before we get on a coach heading for Malaysia.  
  The partnership between Singapore and Malaysia is in some way very similar to that of Hong Kong and mainland China's. Singapore and Hong Kong are on the much higher living standard ends of the partnerships thus you see Singaporeans and Hong Kongers going North to look for discount food and entertainment during weekends.


img_5729.jpg img_5730.jpg img_5732.jpg
One of the 2 check points on the border. It's Johor beyond the check point.  This is a  bad PIC but it's all I can do shooting from a moving coach without much choice for angle. This huge lineup before the check point is made up of people come back from errands and grocery shopping in Malaysia. First PIC of the Malaysian side. The triangular hotel on the right seems to be abandoned. Everything is in slow-mo on this side of the border. 
  We are going to a little fishing port called Mersing where most of the boats leave for nearby islands and resorts.
A cool palm tree I see on the way to Mersing. But later on, a Singaporean asks me why I take this PIC? He says they have such palm tree everywhere in Singapore. Oh well .. .. 
Combo food at Mersing jetty. 
You pick this, and you pick that. Then you have a creative lunch. But yumminess is only a mere  .
No, this is not the boat we board - our's is worse.
Not this one either.
Ride with, or under, the cargos? Not this both either.  
Everyone is waiting ...
The kid is cute but I can't get a good shot.
Ok, it's here finally. Pulau Tioman! 
Getting off, expecting a good dive ... 
Dive map of Tioman. Can't wait to jump in.
  Tioman is an island 1/3 of Singapore's size. There are only 3 little villages on the island. Things are still simple although the island is invaded by Singapore tourists once a week.
Sea view candle light dinner. Only that 1) I am dining with Cobra; 2) food is just so-so; 3) the candle is a fly repeller, not a  romance catalyst.
img_5752.jpg >
This is our dinner.  
You bet we need midnight snack after such a dinner. So thank god there is satay near the jetty.
  I tried but without success finding an underwater housing for my camera. But I can at least share with you the "abovewater" Tioman:
Gosh, this is huge! I see the chief playing with this buggy. 
Say cheeeeeeese.
This is a tall, I mean long, guy!
And this is a BIG guy. It's about the size of a fat cat. I've seen on TV this guy is carnivorous. I am glad I see it's butt - that's a sign it's not interested in me.
  Other than the small areas inhabited, the whole island is still covered with thick forests.
  There is also the sky and the sea.
Coconut trees against blue sky. I have seen this tropical scene a million times but I am still not immune. Even at the sight of this PIC, I want to take off my shirt and get tanned. 
In a few years, this coconut will be taller than I am.
You have anything to worry about? I am sure the kids don't.
Glad to get salty.
Too dark to make out in the PIC. It's a sea side pub. Beer and satay. Life can't get better than this. 
  More actions on Tioman:
Sorry, I didn't get a name for this sport.
On vacation here, fella?
Ice KaCang - a favorite icy drink in Malaysia. Feel like a kid when I consume this colorful pile of ice. 
This cool kid is climbing towards my ice kacang. Come one, come to uncle kam ...
  We spend 4 days and 3 nights on Tioman. On the 21st, the ship leaves at 4:30pm. Coincidentally, Brazil is playing England in the World Cup at 2:30pm. There happens to be satellite TVs at the jetty. Ho ho ho, what a nice finish.
Everybody ..
watches the world cup.
Time to say goodbye. I will miss you, both above and under water.

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