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Still in HuangShan (14th Nov)
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  Human's adaptiveness is amazing. The itch is getting worse but I manage to sleep like a dead pig (that's how Chinese describe someone who sleeps like a .. .. dead pig) till 5:45am.

img_2890.jpgSlip into the down jacket provided by the hotel, I shoot right out of the door towards the Sunrise Gazebo. I get there first but I have an ominous feeling. 16 years ago, I had my shot at a beautiful HuangShan sunrise but failed. I have a feeling that the same thing will happen today. Why? Because all I can see is this thick fog in front of me (on right) when the sky gets white. Sigh.


  6:30am, I am back in the hotel room, disappointed. But hey, maybe there is something else to see besides the sunrise. I don't want to waste 2 hours watching TV on the magnificent HuangShan. So I pick up my gear again and head for the east side of HuangShan.

20 minutes later, I stumble into fairyland.

Wow! Frost! But it's only the beginning.
Holy .. ..
Soft red light casts life onto pale white frost. 
Too bad my camera is not showing enough red. But still enough to drop mouths.
My mouth is dropped, and probably drooling involuntarily.
img_2917.jpg img_2919.jpg
Before the sun rises high, cold wind is in charge. It freezes and frosts as it sweeps through rocks and pines.
Fog has the effect close to clouds but with much less intensity. 
This makes my 18 hour work days worthwhile.
The foggy HuangShan takes on another mood.
img_2934.jpg img_2938.jpg img_2939.jpg img_2946.jpg
img_2948.jpg img_2954.jpg
Looking back to the North Sea Hotel.
  There is a cool Chinese phrase describing someone who gets carried away as "forgetting what his father's last name is". That is exactly me in this fairyland. I keep clicking my camera until my 340M microdrive is full. Then I feel my frozen fingers . They hurt but it's worth it, definitely worth it.
  After a fulfilling morning, I spend the afternoon walking around casually.
Standard white-clouds- blue-sky-green-pine shot.
It's cold up at 5,300 feet. Frost in shadowed area still remains even at noon.
img_2984.jpg Kam ventures into an off-limits area. This shaky bridge injects a little bit of  adrenaline into a casual afternoon. 
  Quiet sunset.
img_3010.jpg img_3031.jpg img_2999.jpg Kam climbs up this cable car tower to watch sunset. Kind of scary when cable cars rumble by.
  There is almost no convenient food up in HuangShan. Either you eat cup noodle, biscuits or you eat at the hotel. I am extremely hungry after a whole day's walking around so there is not much choice. It's hot pot buffet and all-you-can-drink beer again .

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