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HuangShan Trip (Nov. 2001)
  In progress very slowly.  
Why? Where?

Xi'an trip has ignited my travel genes. I should travel while I still can. So into the mainland I go again. 

Where to? Ok, to 
1) probably THE most beautiful mountain in China - HuangShan,
2) HangZhou,
3) YiXing - I have been selling teapots for years and been drinking tea for over a year. I know it's somewhere on the route and there is no excuse not to go on a pilgrimage to this holy land of teapot.

Time Line (November, 2001)
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4 Hong Kong > GuangZhou
You might have read about GuangZhou in my Xi'an trip. Maybe I have been here before, I think it's kind of boring ...
5 GuangZhou > HangZhou
By the classic transportation of China - train. Gonna have a tough time getting tickets because I don't book in advance. We'll see..
6 HangZhou?
Reaching HangZhou after a night on a train. Mood is low ...
7 YiXing
In the holy land of Chinese teapot. I want to take it easy with my schedule but ended up doing a lot ...
8-9 YiXing
Aimlessly spending the day. Lucky to meet some serious artists ...
10 YiXing > HangZhou
Try to be a typical tourist for one day and I get what I get as a typical tourist - only thing wrong is that I am not a mainland tourist and I am not forgiving.
11 HangZhou
Meeting this poetic city after 16 years. She has grown into a modern lady.
12 HuangShan
8 hour bus ride to China's most beautiful mountain. Getting ready to climb.
13 HuangShan
The magnificence of HuangShan
14 HuangShan
Try to watch sunrise again and ...
15 HuangShan
Say goodbye to HuangShan. Tiem to go home???
16 ??? Coming ...
Travel Plan
I don't make plans after work. Come on, loosen up. It's VACATION time!

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