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ChengDu to GuangZhou (22nd Sept)
  I consider this lovely vacation ended the moment I step onto a plane to GuangZhou. But that is in the afternoon. I have a few more PICs to show before I have to go back to reality.
Bike stories. img_0448.jpg
See your bike in this sea of bike?
The light turns green while I am in the middle of the road ...
A furniture store on the bike - takes a businessman's mind and an acrobat's talent to run.
More faces of ChengDu - she is doing good. img_1287.jpg
A shoot of downtown ChengDu thought the windshield of a taxi.
Lots of action at night. ChengDu is not a boring city at all.  
Take a look inside a department store. Wow, this is just the same as what we have in Hong Kong!
A semi-old residential building.
New apartments by the river. 
Old and new, side by side. We are still in time to witness ChengDu's triple jump evolution into a modern city.
Kam never forgets about eating. I run into this snack in a market place. I don't think it's a famous snack but it's delicious. "Deep Fried Sweat Flour Balls" if I translate correctly. There is sesame on the flour balls. Yum, yum, yum.   img_1295.jpg
  There are two things common to bad times and good times. 1) They will both end. 2) At the end of good or bad times, we should always hope for more GOOD times.

I find that there are lots of scenery, people, culture and food to be explore in the mainland. And definitely ...

I will be back!!!   



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