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GuangZhou [Broad-Geological_Area More Detail] (9-10th Sept)
  There is a bus stop right in front of Kam's apartment in Hong Kong. Take a 3 1/2 hour's ride and Kam is in GuangZhou.
GuangZhou is not that dirty! The dust you see is a result of shooting thru windshields only.


Previously known as Canton, GuangZhou is the heart of southern China. Although I spent a few years here when I was a little kid, the city now doesn't look familiar at all after undergoing years of rapid changes. However, the feeling of closeness is always there.

If I have to summarize GuangZhou in a few words, it would be pollution, traffic jam and a place to eat. But since GuangZhou is just a preparation stop for this trip, I haven't spent much time exploring these attributes.

In GuangZhou, Kam stays with a friend who stations here. Kam can take hot shower, Kam has access to internet, etc. But the honeymoon will soon be over ... 

  A few PICs before Kam goes deep into the mainland:
  ZhuJiang ( Pearl_River) could be GuangZhou's most beautiful scene. PICs of Day 1 are all taken here.
Sea Pearl Bridge has long been the landmark of GuangZhou. You can find all sorts of actions here, day and night.
In a Sunday afternoon, people gather at parks to listen to Chinese opera songs. Got a full band playing. Another crowd gather for card games.
  Taking pictures in China is a funny, or even scary, experience. People are highly alerted once they see you with a camera. Maybe they think Kam is spying on them or something. I can't really explain the psychology but it could get really uncomfortable.

Want examples? After I take the above 2 PICs, 80% of the bystanders turn around and stare at me with blank, curious and skeptical eyes. The opera singer is a little mad as people should be watching her instead of me.

The card players think I am collecting their gambling evidence. Some start to flee and some start to walk towards me. If I stay any longer, I bet they will stir fry my kidney.

Yet in another occasion, curious people walk right up to me to an uncomfortably close distance and stare at my camera's LCD display. I try to ignore them and concentrate on taking PICs. 10 minutes later, I can still feel people breathing behind my neck. They like my camera.

Into a free market - GuangZhouers have to strike a balance between their limited salary (average $200/m)  and temptation from the Western world. They seem to be doing fine. The old and the new - the colorful paint cans are built on top of old structures. The city is evolving.
Wheeling and dealing - Bicycle is still an important means of transportation in GuangZhou. There are all sorts of bicycle services on the road.

Watermelon is heavenly in hot days. But uncovered watermelon in hot days could be deadly.

Poorly illuminated streets of some older areas. House that hangs over pedestrian sidewalk is typical of GuangZhou.
  The airport of GuangZhou. It's something different.

Lady with very special taste waiting for either her fright or a boy-friend.  

I don't know you - I bet no psychologist participated in the seat arrangement of  the waiting room. 

You live near the airport? Can't be closer than this.  

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