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Kam's Xi'an Vacation (Sept. 2001)
Why & Where

When what I am doing today is no newer then what I did yesteryear, and when I feel bored, I need to run away.

This time, I am gonna backpack mainland China. A few destinations in mind:
1) the Terracotta Army of Qin near Xi'an,
2) Mountain Hua, the west post of China's 5 great mountains, near Xi'an,
3) JiuZhaiGou, the land of stunning natural scenery, in Sichuan province.

Time Line (September, 2001)
Travel Plan
The plan that delivers the most fun is - NO PLAN. Except for the few destinations, nothing is sure about the trip. No hotel is booked, no air ticket reserved, no routes drawn, etc.

When there is nothing planned, there is no expectation. When there is no expectation, everything that happens will be unexpectedly good.


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