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Kam's Mainland China Lychee trip - More than yummy. (July 2001)

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Ho ho ho ...

Hmm ...

What on earth ...

I mean ...

Not bad

 Obviously, this is no common people's house. It's ONLY 2 acres in size.

If I were living in this house, a few runs to the bathroom could have gotten me exhausted.

Too bad the modern surrounding is killing the view. Let's pretend that we are short sighted.
More color ...
It's real? Is it not real? Water and tower, reflection and reality. Carp and willow. Shadow and light. Takes a while to realize this is not a painting.
 Yes, we may have electronic massage chairs, 16:9 TVs and all sorts of goodies in our homes. But a close look at the house makes Kam want to be an ancient man.
 Don't think it was cave man age back in 1850. The hole on the floor is part of the ventilation system that air conditions the house in hot summer. If space age people think they are better, think twice. As least there isn't hot air blowing out from the other end of this ancient air conditioner.

(I haven't mentioned this before. Kam's grandma and grandpa were born in DG city back in the 1910's. Grandma, after seeing these pictures, told me her family was friend to Ke Garden's family and she played in Ke Garden often when she was a kid. It's her who told me about this ancient air conditioning system.)

Elegance & detail. Sadly, the iron wood (not sure of the name in English) and craftsmanship are near extinct luxuries.
Say cheeeeeese ... oh well, only the teacher responded.

Never mind.


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