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Kam's Mainland China Lychee trip - More than yummy. (July 2001)

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 Lychee, litchi, lichee, lichi, leechee ... definition quoted from MS Bookshelf is: a Chinese fruit, a nut or berry with a fleshy aril; the tree (Litchi chineasis, family Sapindaceae) that bears it.
PIC from MS BS
The car is not starting. Maybe we are out of battery.
 Whatever it's called in English, it refers to the yummy fruit "Lie (could be just a name) Gee (branch)". Lychee is in season from May to July. Kam missed a big harvest last year and he is not going to make the same mistake twice.
 Folks, this is not the standard way to start a lychee trip. If you prefer eating lychee from the tree over eating tar on the road, drive safe on mainland highways.

Kam's destination today is Dongguan (DG) - home of the best lychee. It takes about 2.5 hours, by coach, up North, to get from Hong Kong to DG. So relax, the above accident has nothing to do with Kam.

A shot at DG's bus station

DG Grand Prix  Train used to be the major mass transportation in China. But in the past 10 years, the development of decent highways has made motor vehicle the most popular transportation. It is huge business.
 Outside the bus station, motorcycle is a convenient alternative to taxi. Two reasons Kam doesn't want to catch a ride though. 1) Kam doesn't have the guts to do that in the chaotic traffic of China. 2) Kam does have a problem rubbing his chest again another male's back.
Kam's cottage? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wake up.
Gee!  It's not possible spending a whole day just eating lychee. To maximize the fun, Kam wonders into Ke Garden just next to the bus station. It's a beautiful house built in 1850 by a government official and is now preserved by DG city. Check out his house and try to guess his housing allowance.

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