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Tsim Sha Tsui (Jan, 2002)
  Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) sits just north of the Victoria Harbor. Hotels and shopping malls are all over the area. It's a tourist must-go.
  Snap shots of TST

Neon lights and busy people. You can feel the vibration of the city even at 10:30 pm. For lots, it's the start of the day.
Shop till you drop.
Despite the fact that TST is a tourist area, there are lots of beautiful older buildings around. Don't forget to look up when you are in TST.
This is what we called the "clock tower". If Kam is not wrong, this classic tower is the remain of the old train station.
It's a landmark of TST and I don't get tire looking at this beautiful structure. The building on left is the Art Center.

Prepare yourself for the night scene of Hong Kong.
The night scene of Victoria Harbor is unbelievably beautiful. Take a walk at the harbor front and you will wonder who pays Hong Kong's utility bill.

The uneven horizon is a result of Kam's poor manipulation of the PICs. Not that Hong Kong is having a major earthquake.


Index Map of Hong Kong

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